Jeevtronics is a social + technology venture. Both co-founders, Aniruddha Atre and Ashish Gawade, have a passion for social impact, innovation and engineering world class products.
We are the inventors and makers of the world’s 1st hand cranked defibrillators. We have developed the world’s first dual & triple powered hand cranked    bi-phasic defibrillators (SanMitra 1000 HCT/ Trishul). These are ultra- reliable and have lowest total cost of ownership over 5 to 10 years because of the built-in hand cranked generator.
Our defibrillators work on directly AC mains as well as on a built-in hand cranked generator.
No more worrying about dead batteries or power cuts! Being a “battery-less” device, it needs no battery replacement ever. Saves you lots of money over 10 years! Hence, its total cost of ownership is 1/7th to 1/13th that of the competition. We also make defibrillator simulators.
Expect more “world’s 1st” type of innovations from us!

India’s death rate due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest is 3 to 4 times that of developed countries. Yet the availability of defibrillators required in hospitals and ambulances is extremely low. Primary reasons are 1. Lack of reliable electricity 2. Lack of affordability 3. Poor quality refurbished devices and 4. High cost of battery replacement.

Solution: Jeevtronics SanMitra 1000 HCT has significantly improved access to defibrillators in low and middle income countries, which do not have reliable electricity.

Patented technology: Sharp end user insights combined with strong IP positions Jeevtronics as a great defibrillator company.

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Meet Our Directors

Ashish Gawade
Co-Founder, Jeevtronics

Ashish is well known internationally as a serial social+technology entrepreneur. He has taken products from concept to patent to prototype to commercialization stage multiple times. He is passionate about developing “triple bottom line” businesses that positively impact environment and people at the “bottom of the pyramid”.

Aniruddha Atre
Co-Founder, Jeevtronics

Aniruddha is an engineering wizard. He has designed medical devices to automotive systems to renewable energy products to energy storage. His expertise ranges from systems engineering to electronics engineering to mechanical engineering to Product Launch to Business. He brings 21 years of total industry experience in United States and India.



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