Jeevtronics – Disruptive Cardiac Innovations

Ashish Gawade

Co-Founder, Jeevtronics

Ashish is well known internationally as a serial social+technology entrepreneur. He has taken products from concept to patent to prototype to commercialization stage multiple times. He is passionate about developing “triple bottom line” businesses that positively impact environment and people at the “bottom of the pyramid”.  He is also a Sadhak (volunteer) of Manashakti Center for Peace of Mind, Lonavala.
He was one of the first strategists worldwide to predict several technology + consumer trends in the Global Hybrid Electric Vehicles market. He was part of the Ford team that delivered North America’s hottest products like the Ford Fusion All-wheel-Drive and F-150. He has successfully lead several large transnational, cross cultural teams composing of members from North America, Europe, Japan, China, and India. Ashish is also an accomplished speaker on Business Strategy, Social Innovation and Manashakti Philosophy.
He brings wealth of experience spread across Strategy, Planning, Product Development, Renewable energy, Medical devices, Vehicle Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Process Management.


CEO and Co-Founder at Bottom of Pyramid Energy and Environmental Innovations, India
General Manager-Marketing at Cummins India Ltd, India
Strategic Planner – Hybrid Electric/ Fuel Cell Vehicles-Ford Motor Company, USA
Product Development Engineer at Ford Motor Company, USA
Quality and Process Management Engineer at Tata Motors, India
– University of Michigan – Ross School of Business, MBA, Strategy/ Marketing
– Wayne State University, MS, Mechanical Engineering
– University of Pune, BE, Mechanical Engineering

He brings wealth of experience spread across Strategy, Planning, Product Development, Vehicle Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Process Management.

Aniruddha Atre

Co-Founder, Jeevtronics

Aniruddha is an engineering wizard. He has designed medical devices to automotive systems to renewable energy products to energy storage. His expertise ranges from systems engineering to electronics engineering to mechanical engineering to Product Launch to Business. He brings 21 years of total industry experience in United States and India. His expertise spans product development, sourcing, product planning /program management and launch in high volume manufacturing plants in North America at Ford Motor Company. He is passionate about social entrepreneurship.

Aniruddha holds Bachelors and Masters Degree in Mechanical engineering and MBA from Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. During his MBA he was a student of legendary thinker Late Prof C.K.Prahalad.


Dr Premnath, PhD (MIT), MBA(MIT, Cambridge, USA) Director, Venture Center

Dr. Ajit Mullasari
Director of Cardiology, Institute of Cardio Vascular Diseases Madras Medical Mission

Yogendra Natu, MS (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA)
Entrepreneur 30+ years of Experience in Mass Manufacturing Electronics


To reduce the death rate due to sudden cardiac arrest in all developing countries by 3-4 time using our hand cranked generator based defibrillator.


Technology for equality.

Core Values

Equality: We believe that purpose of human life must be equality (ref: Purpose of Universe by Swami Vijnananand, Manashakti Center for Peace of Mind, Lonavala, India). Hence, everything we do must create equality in this world.

Safety: Everything we make must be safe and efficacious.

Integrity: We must operate with integrity no matter who we deal with- employees, customers, investors, government or society at large. Even large lucrative deals must not shake our resolve to operate with integrity.

Sustainability: We believe that we must live on this planet in a responsible manner and make it better than what it was for the future generations.

Pursuit of Excellent: Everything we do must be world class yet affordable.

Innovation: We must innovate and push the ‘price- performance’ envelop continuously. (Ref: Prof C K Prahalad).